Carbon Kiosk | The Carbon Trap Pool

Investing in the companies and the technologies creating the reductions and the offsets, enterprise bundled with relief and opportunity. The Carbon Trap Pool traps carbon in place period and invests in the distribution of real new green energy solutions. Carbon Pricing and its effects in many jurisdictions are known, how does it effect you?

Carbon Credits, Sequestration & Offsets ~ More a Community Pool than a Brokerage

We put the small buyer and seller in the pool while servicing and supplying companies looking to audit or improve their overall footprint, strategy and score in carbon reduction. We distribute renewable energy products to a national dealer network and are a new renewable energy product wholesaler and retailer.


Carbon Kiosk Carbon Credit Exchange | Buy, Gift, Trap  & Sell Real Carbon Credit Solutions and Offsets

Carbon Kiosk believes the only true reduction in our emissions is in leaving the fuels in the ground. To do this we must improve our efficiency while we redevelop and refine our sources of energy. One way, with as much diversity as you could imagine The Carbon Trap Pool and getting beyond carbon pricing into acting today to supply incentive for installations and bring fairness to billing and installation requirements beyond federal and provincial standards. It is imperative that local administrations work with services standards organizations and thought leaders.

The Carbon Trap Pool; energy | technology | transportation | food | water
Sequesters carbon and captures green house gases;
Invests in, creates & distributes real renewable energy and energy saving technology;
Shares procedural knowledge and assists in stakeholder law.


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A Carbon Credit is an assigned right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the equivalent mass of other greenhouse gases. A Carbon Offset is a credit produced in a project-based reduction schema usually within an uncapped industry or place.

A unit of sponsorship in the Carbon Trap Pool helps so many. Help Fund Smart Integrated Technologies for a Sustainable Future.